Carol S Hyman has been serving as Executive Director of Applied Mindfulness Training, Inc.since 2016. In addition to her work with AMT, she is a writer, editor, teacher, and coach. 

For many years, Carol lived in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Patton and their two children. When they decided to leave the city and the south, the Hymans spent a year living in an motorhome, visiting  places as far-flung as the Everglades and Alaska, teaching meditation along the way and eventually settling in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

Carol served as editorial project manager for a previously unpublished collection of the writings of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Against the Wind & Tide. In 2019 she wrote the book Meeting Your Mind for Applied Mindfulness Training. Carol is currently consulting on another book about mindfulness and working on her memoir.

A practitioner of mindfulness and other contemplative disciplines for four decades, Carol has taught these practices extensively throughout the United States and Canada and as far away as New Zealand. She has taught groups large and small including professional organizations, non-profit boards, and college students. For the past 10 years she has taught mindfulness workshops through AMT and affiliated programs and offered one-on-one mindfulness coaching. She particularly enjoys working with people who aren’t especially interested in meditation but would like to be able to harness their power of their minds more effectively.